Dr. Ryan Wohlfert presents Natural Solutions to Chronic Pain Masterclass  

Are you dealing with chronic pain... making it hard to enjoy your life?

Learn the drug-free way to stop chronic pain like migraines, headaches, arthritis, neck pain, back pain, neuropathy, fibromyalgia and other debilitating conditions

If you’re ready to finally stop chronic pain from controlling your life - without depending on drugs, doctors, or surgery no matter what you’ve been told - discover how to make pain-free living possible in the…


February 28 - March 2, 2022
3-Day Online Event!

Approximately 1.5 BILLION people in the world suffer from chronic pain, and most likely they have been told to live with it, manage it, that it will not go away or be resolved - including you!

By a large margin, the most common treatment and “management” method is prescribed medication, including Opioids like OxyContin and Vicodin. And, the 10 most commonly prescribed painkillers are also considered the most addictive pain medications.

But, the horrible truth behind painkiller use is that they are often terribly addictive, cost people their physical and mental well-being as well as their independence and lives… and don’t address the actual causes or solutions for chronic pain.

That's why I created the Natural Solutions to Chronic Pain Masterclass. I personally hand-picked THE top experts to share proven healthy lifestyle practices, all arranged for you, step-by-step in the ultimate guide to healing chronic pain - without dependence on ineffective, unnatural approaches.

Heal your chronic pain by joining the Natural Solutions to Chronic Pain Masterclass.

Dr. Ryan Wohlfert

I’m your host, Dr. Ryan Wohlfert. With over 20 years of education and clinical experience, I’ve helped thousands of people make healthy, pain-free living possible, both online and in my multiple wellness, corrective chiropractic, and nutrition clinics.

And now, I’m joined by 6 top chronic pain experts to create the definitive roadmap to break-free from chronic pain.

Best of all, it’s a LIVE event, with all the top pain-resolution experts together in one place. Now, on top of learning this lifestyle system of pain-free living, you can participate in warm-up exercises with me before the presentations… and ask each expert your questions during the Q&A portion!

During this masterclass, you will learn:

  • The practical answer to the most common question from chronic pain sufferers: “Why do I have this pain!?!”
  • How finally understanding why you have pain will lead you to erase pain for good.
  • Mind-Body practices that rewire your brain neurology for either health or pain… it’s your choice.
  • Why 4-Pillars of Mindset Training will help you release from the pain story that’s holding you back, and how to implement it immediately.
  • How to organize your routine for the highest quality regenerative sleep.
  • The best detoxification and nutrition plan to eradicate pain.
  • How to simply and consistently upgrade your lifestyle habits for optimal healing
  • The ideal spine structure and posture (and what it means for your overall health).
  • How to correct your spine and posture with specific exercise and “traction” techniques, and how that improves the function of your entire body.
  • And so much more!

This holistic, cohesive system using simple practices shows you exactly how and what to do… and start enjoying your life again.

A literal "DO THIS" roadmap that’s never been assembled for you until now.

Here's the lineup...

Day 1:  Monday, February 28

12PM Noon ET

It's (Not) All in Your Head - Training the Brain to Get Out of Pain

Matt Bush is the owner of Next Level Neuro, a neuroscience-based health & performance coaching company that works with athletes, executives, and entrepreneurs to develop their brain health and highest levels of performance.

Matt will teach you practical, at-home exercises to change the brain's perception of pain and reduce it on a daily basis.

Matt Bush


Using Your Body To Eliminate Pain Signals and Rewire Your Nervous System

Dr. Whitten is an expert on movement and specializes in the permanent resolution of chronic pain. He blends the latest scientific research with essential concepts from the fields of natural movement, evolutionary health, nutrition, structural hygiene, self-care and human performance.

Dr. Whitten will teach you how to use specific movements to fix chronic pain permanently.

Dr. Yoni Whitten

Day 2:  Tuesday, March 1

12PM Noon ET

Sleep to Beat Chronic Pain and Skyrocket Your Energy, Mood & Performance

Angus Buckle is The Sleep Performance Coach who helps high performers go from burned out to 10x their energy, productivity and health naturally, without any pills.

Angus will teach you how you heal during sleep, and why it must come before nutrition and exercise when eliminating pain and optimizing health.

Angus Buckle


Correcting Spinal Structure and Posture to Fix Chronic Pain

Dr. Harrison is the President/CEO of Chiropractic Biophysics Technique®. He has developed and researched original spinal rehab procedures and has lectured worldwide in over 300 educational conferences. He has also authored approximately 100 peer-reviewed spine related publications, 4 spine textbooks, and numerous conference proceedings.

He will teach you researched-backed techniques to correct your spine and posture for sustainable chronic pain resolution.

Deed Harrison

Day 3:  Wednesday, March 2

12PM Noon ET

Nutrition, Detox and Chronic Pain

Dr. Villanueva is a groundbreaking teacher in the field of mind-body medicine. She is an international speaker, health influencer, co-author of The Longevity Code, and host of The Mental Health Masterclass, The Inflammation Masterclass, and The Trauma Masterclass.

She will teach you how to address the underlying causes of chronic pain and brain related conditions using the most advanced evidence based approaches available.

Dr. Elena Villaneuva 


Wisdom From Wounds, Turning Your Pain Into Power

Leigh Patterson is the epitome of “mindset matters most.” In the last 5 years, she has gone from in chronic pain, suicidal, clinically depressed, and on over 30 meds a day to mentally strong, emotionally solid, and physically fitter.

Leigh will teach you the step-by-step process to fix your mindset to break-free from pain.

Leigh Patterson

Learn a lifestyle system that can make pain-free living possible forever. I’m confident that this is the ultimate guide for healing your chronic pain - no matter what you’ve been told in the past.

After this masterclass, you'll see that you really can heal, move easily, and enjoy all the activities you missed out on…

Here’s what people are saying

My numbness in my left hand [...] had completely disappeared

“Before seeing Dr. Ryan I had been having issues for probably 20 years to a point where I simply could not do what I wanted to do. I was starting to lose sleep and it was worsening.

After only a few months of starting with Dr. Ryan, I was able to rake my lawn and I realized that’s something I had not done in years. I only wish I had started with Dr. Ryan long before I did. I am feeling great and hope others can get the same results I have.

 I recommend him to anyone experiencing certain health issues anytime I can. Thank you for giving me my life back

Craig Thelen

I wasn’t able to live my life because of my chronic debilitating pain and headaches.

I wasn’t able to live my life because of my chronic debilitating pain and headaches. Thank you for what you’ve done for me. It’s definitely worth any cost. Now that I’m able to do all these things with my family, I feel better about myself, the time I’m spending with my kids, the investment I made into my health and future. I’m able to work more and participate in life more. 

Jessica Jordan

Now, I’m pain-free.

“I was being treated for Rheumatoid or some other sort of arthritis and I was being given prescription medications. Now, I’m pain-free. I’m exercising. I’m off prescription medications and I’m grateful.” 

Mary Buzzie

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Will there be a recording?

YES! We are GIVING attendees the replay at no extra charge

What if I can only attend some of the live sessions?

GREAT! Simply attend the live expert sessions, especially those that interest your specific needs and/or you want to ask questions.